Research Collaborations


Western Sydney University

PRECI is pleased to be collaborating with Western Sydney University in undertaking a new research project to define the learning needs of early childhood intervention professionals working in early childhood intervention. The project aims to discover the best ways to meet the identified learning needs, and ways to ensure the implementation of best practice principles, in order to provide an evidence base for the delivery of professional learning opportunities.





Monash University

Participatory Community Project (PCP)

PRECI was pleased to collaborate with Occupational Therapy students from Monash University for a PCP student project. PRECI worked with the students for a year, commencing July ‘23.  Two students had the opportunity to learn more about the Early Childhood Intervention sector and work with PRECI to develop, distribute and analyse results of a survey relating to the implementation of best practices within the field.  They presented their results at the 2nd National PRECI Conference in May 2024.  Resources below.

Final Survey Analysis Report

PRECI Conference 2024 eposter

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